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Hair & Body Set


Hair & Body Set

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Get the best of both worlds for the hair + body. This set include 4 oz. Butter Creme (for hair + body), 2 oz. Herbal Hair + Body Oil, 3 oz. Herbal African Black Soap, 4 oz. Butter Body Scrub and Triple Butter Lip Balm.This Herbal African Black Soap gently cleanses your skin as the Butter Body Scrub will gently exfoliate and soothe your skin. The Butter Creme will melt into your skin leaving it feeling baby soft and leaving not a trace of dryness. This also doubles as a hair creme as well to help seal in moisture. The Herbal Hair + Body Oil will pamper both your hair + body with it's versatility. Your lips will thank you with the Triple Butter Lip Balm. This complete set is sure to be the cure for your hair + skin's blues.

NOTE: Choose Original Option for adding scent only to Butter Creme and Butter Body Scrub. Choose Custom for adding scent, personalize wording and additional ingredients to the Butter Body Scrub.

Customize the Butter Body Scrub with herbs, powders, and clays as well as the labels for that special person, for an additional cost, choose Custom option and the Number of Ingredients you would like added to the Butter Body Scrub. Once order is placed, you'll receive an email to choosing what scent, ingredients and/or what personalized wording to put on labels.