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Lavender Cypress Artisan Shave Soap


Lavender Cypress Artisan Shave Soap

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We are excited to announce our Artisan made shaving soap! What makes our shave soap unique? It is one of only a few shaving soaps available anywhere that is all natural and vegan.  What exactly does all natural mean? No fragrance oils, no artificial anything, pure natural goodness.


What are our customers saying?

*The best shave soap that I have ever used! Great aroma, lather and glide.

*This makes a long-lasting lather that is so creamy and thick! I shave my legs with a DE razor, and use a giant fluffy silver tip badger brush to whip up an entire bowl. My husband uses a firmer boar brush, and it works equally well with this soap. I love that it's good for the , close shave and moisturizing too. :)


Our soaps are made through the hot process. Their consistency is a soft soap, similar to an Italian soft soap. A generous 4 oz bar of pure natural shave soap.

Like all of our products, we formulated our Shave soap by eliminating all harmful chemicals while featuring unique key ingredients to provide natural and luxurious shave soap. Indulge yourself during your next shave with our nourishing and revitalizing shave soap that will leave you looking and feeling incredibly fresh and clean-shaven. Our shave soap is vegan.

All scents are created with pure essential oils. Here is a list of other shave soaps available:

Citrus Zest - a blend of citrus sure to impress.

English Rose - a pure natural blend of english rose, rose and rose geranium essential oils

Lavender Mint Splash - my most popular soap scent loved by all, a blend of lavender, spearmint and orange that brings the spa to you.

Lavender Cypress - like a brisk walk through the forest, this soap provides a smooth and woodsy scent

Sandalwood - a pure blend of Amyris, also known as 'West Indian Sandalwood,' and pure sandalwood essential oil providing a unique woody, balsamic aroma known to be relaxing and calming to the nerves

Woodland Spice - a nice woodsy spice scent that includes cedarwood, fir, orange, cinnamon, clove and more.




Saponified Oils of vegetable stearic acid, organic shea butter, kokum butter, organic palm oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil and essential oils


Net weight: 4.0 oz